Tagnuit du hack 2014

Nuit Du Hack CTF Quals 2014 Web-300: Titanoreine

This week, a new image hosting website opened. The admin, afraid he might forget his access codes, created a file with credentials on the server. Your goal is to find the file to retrieve his password.

Link: http://gallery.nuitduhack.com.

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Nuit Du Hack CTF Quals 2014 Misc-150: Onion Rings

A new black market has appeared and has been targeted by the FBI. After checking for suspicious posts on stackoverflow and finding nothing, they give up and are offering a bounty to anyone who can get information on the server that is hosting the hidden service.

Link: http://mq72g4732yorslzf.onion/

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Nuit Du Hack CTF Quals 2014 Forensics-200: Windows Forensics

On a client computer of a merchandise transport company, an employee realized that a command prompt containing commands appeared on the screen. The company contacted NianSec, a computer security company to assess the risk. John, trainee, was tasked to retrieve the memory of the windows system. By mistake, he only extracted the pagefile of the system before turning off the machine. You must retrace the attack and understand what happened on the machine.
Link: http://static.nuitduhack.com/pagefile.sys.7z

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