This week, a new image hosting website opened. The admin, afraid he might forget his access codes, created a file with credentials on the server. Your goal is to find the file to retrieve his password.


Here is screenshot of this photo gallery.
Photo Gallery 2014-04-06 00-37-06 2014-04-06 00-37-08

In html code of it I noticed potential include-attack param “lang”.

		<a href = "index.php?lang=eng.php"><img class = "flag" src="includes/flag/eng.png"/></a>
		<a href = "index.php?lang=fr.php"><img class = "flag" src="includes/flag/fr.png"/></a>

After some fluctuations I found the way to include index.php file itself:

Okay. Next step – upload  jpeg with malicious code to the server. There are many ways how to do it, but the best of all – brute force (hehe ;) ).

So.. Include malicious jpeg instead of index.php and voila.

Photo Gallery 2014-04-06 00-44-00 2014-04-06 00-44-18

After some search I found file with flag – /includes/X~unsuspicious~X

Okay, it was a little suspicious ..
Here is the flag: WhyAreHemorrhoidsNotCalledAssteroids